Project Description:

An Orchard module for creating module profiles for different environments (eg. development, release).
Using the admin interface, you can create different sets of features and corresponding states (enabled/disabled) and activate (and inverse-activate) them in the admin interface and the command line tool.

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This module is available in the Orchard Gallery:

Link to ModuleProfiles @ Orchard Gallery

Version history:

  1. 2012.04.21.: v1.0.0 - First public release
  2. 2012.04.22.: v1.0.1 - Minor update
  3. 2012.04.22.: v1.0.2 - Minor fix
  4. 2012.04.23.: v1.0.3 - Orchard.jQuery dependency fix
  5. 2012.07.01.: v1.1.0 - Several UI and functionality enhancements (eg. Save Configuration, predefined profiles, nicer UI)
  6. 2012.07.24.: v1.1.5 - Code refactoring, bugfixes, new commands

How to use:

  • Go to: Dashboard - Modules - Module Profiles (or ~/Modules/ModuleProfiles)
  • Enter a profile name and click "Create Profile"
  • The checkboxes on the left column define whether the a module is included in the profile, the right ones define the modules' state in the profile
  • Save the profile after editing it's definition
  • You can "Activate" a module, and if you want to activate a profile with inverse module states, click "Activate Inverse" after selecting a profile from the list
  • Using "Save Current Configuration" you can save the current configuration of modules into a profile

Available commands:

  • Listing available profiles:
    • moduleprofiles list
    • modprofs lst
  • Activating a profile:
    • moduleprofiles activate <ProfileName>
    • modprofs act <ProfileName>
  • Inverse-activating a profile:
    • moduleprofiles inverse activate <ProfileName>
    • modprofs inv <ProfileName>
  • Saving the current configuration:
    • moduleprofiles save <ProfileName>
    • modprofs save <ProfileName>
  • Deleting a profile:
    • moduleprofiles delete <ProfileName>
    • modprofs del <ProfileName>

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